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Tony Regan

Tony started his career as an electrical engineer on board large ships and oil platforms in the U.K. and overseas. He reached the position of Chief Electrician.

A few years back “a girl and a boat” brought Tony to the shores of Cyprus. The boat is long gone. The girl also.

Tony loved Cyprus so much however that he decided to make Cyprus his permanent home. The fact that diving in Cyprus is soooo good, might have played a part in his decision. After successfully completing his PADI Divemaster course in 2014, and being in love with diving the Zenobia (or the “Zen”), Tony advanced in his diving knowledge and experience and completed his TDI advanced Nitrox and Deco procedures courses.

Tony became a PADI OWSI in December 2017 and shortly thereafter made the giant leap and became an SDI and TDI Instructor.

Tony is also a qualified VIP (Visual Inspection Procedures), Gas Blender, Advanced Gas Blender and service technician for Apeks and Scubapro.

Demetra Papachilleos

Demetra studied law in the U.K. and started her career as a lawyer in 1997. During her career she became a member of the Cyprus Bar Association. As a lawyer she has handled and still handles a number of very high profile cases dealing with Company law, corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, cross-border transactions, IT law and fintech companies.

Always at the back of her mind however was to explore the “deep blue”. On the onset of an early mid-life crisis in 2011, Demetra competed her Open Water course. It was time for the Advanced Open Water course in 2012. Then wanting to take her diving education further she became a Divemaster in 2017. Not many people thought that she would ever become a Divemaster and she wanted to prove them wrong. Then again not many people thought that she would ever become a PADI scuba instructor, but then all this changed in April 2017 when she did just that.

Demetra became an SDI and TDi diving instructor in early 2018.

She is also a qualified VIP (Visual Inspection Procedures), Gas Blender and Advanced Gas Blender.

She got the Republic of Cyprus speedboat license in late 2018 and is now wokring towards her Skipper certification.

In her spare time Demetra designed and built our webpage, worked with a very talented designer for our logo, and is also in charge of the paperwork!


Sirius is a very beloved Westie who joined our family as a puppy nearly 15 yeas ago. He is very much loved and of course considered as a member of the family.

As far as scuba shop helpers go, Sirius is the top dog! He likes nothing better than greeting customers and friends, being fussed and also enjoying the occasional treat.

You can also tell Sirius all about your scuba diving adventures. He is a very good listener.

But what he likes most however is driving around the big dive truck.


He is the newest addition to the TD Diving family. Another very beloved Westie, he joined us as a puppy in March 2019 and is settling in his role as assistant dive dog.

So far Boris has chewed through a dozen of discarded mouthpieces (trust us folks, this is the best item to give to a teething puppy. He might be on to something here!) and is working really, really, really hard on being housetrained (oh….)

Boris has already had his first trip on our dive boat and he seemed to have enjoyed it. Therefore he might switch careers to boat dog. Only time will tell.

Great weather, great vis, great dives, great company!

Ben Adams

Currently attending for TDI courses and enjoying every minute with Tony.

Chris Shill

Perfect instructors, the best gear and simply the best diving center in Cyprus!

Tim Fadeev
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