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Limassol scuba diving

The city of Limassol is ideally located for scuba diving activities. A great selection of dive sites in and around the area are ideal for intro dives, scuba courses and diving trips.

With mild weather nearly all year round, and with water temperatures not falling below 16 celcius, Limassol diving can be enjoyed even in winter!

Are you curious what it feels like to take breaths underwater? Then maybe you should try a Discover Scuba Diving experience in Limassol. This is a short diving experience program where you can be briefed about some basic scuba diving information, and then try some in water skills and go for a dive!

Limassol has created a marine protected area. Within this marine protected area, there are lots of areas of interest for diving.

Two of the most interesting ones are of course the 2 wrecks which the authorities sunk in 2014 with the objective of creating an artificial reef.

One of the wrecks for diving in Limassol, the Costandis, is a Russian made bottom trawler. It currently lies at a maximum depth of 23 meters. The other wreck, the Lady Thetis used to be a ferry. She currently lies at a maximum depth of 18 meters.

Usually these 2 wrecks can be combined on a single dive trip from a boat.

A little further afield in the Akrotiri peninsula and also accessible by boat, one can dive Twin Rocks, Big Country or the Fish Reserve.

With our own specially customized rib moored at the New Limassol Marina we are ideally located to offer diving trips all over Limassol and beyond.

Arguably one of the best diving sites in Cyprus, Jubilee Shoals is only a boat trip away. This natural reef with a wall, cave, interesting swim throughs and an abundance of marine life is suitable for the more experienceddiver and ideal for technical diving.

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