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Cyprus diving center

Our diving center is located in Limassol, CYPRUS. TD Diving offers a wide range of scuba diving experiences and scuba diving courses. Whether you are beginner or a more advanced or experienced diver, let us show you the best that diving in Cyprus has to offer or let us help you take your diving skills further.

In addition to recreational diving experiences, and diving courses, we also have the capability to provide technical diver training as well as technical dives. For divers who are visiting Cyprus, diving the Zenobia is a must. Let us take you diving there, like we know how. For more details and information on diving the Zenobia follow the link, by clicking here

We are a registered SDI and TDI Dive Center. We also offer PADI courses.

Our highly skilled, experienced and attentive instructors aim to work with you to get the very best out of you. We want to help you achieve beyond your diving goals.

Scuba diving courses

A wide range of PADI, SDI and TDI scuba diving courses is available both for the beginner as well as for more advanced divers. From ages 8+ and onwards, it is certain that there is a course out there for you. Our aim is to deliver superior diving related services in  a safe and fun environment. We like to work together with our customer and students to  offer you options and flexibility. For more information on the courses we offer, click here

For example if you are a total beginner, the PADI Discover Scuba Diving or DSD for short is worth considering. Even though the PADI DSD is not a scuba certification, it will however give you an introduction in what it takes to explore the underwater world.

Diving trips

Our dive center is ideally located so that we are able to offer diving trips all over Cyprus. From Latchi to the west, all the way to Paralimni in the east. For more information on the diving trips we can offer, click here

Technical diving 

For those that want to take their diving skills a step further or are interested to see whether technical diving is for them, well look no further! We are here to help.

Also, for those that are already qualified and and want to undertake a few more challenging dives, we have the equipment and the knowledge to organize and guide dives for  you.

Other services

In addition to scuba diving courses, and trips we also provide other services such as scuba equipment rental and scuba tank fills. We offer air fills, nitrox fills (up to 100% ), helium and argon.  You can read more about our services for scuba tank fills here: The gas station

Also, if you feel like shopping for dive gear, come and check out what we have in our retail store.


cyprus diving center
Our retail store offers a wide range of drysuit related accessories.

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Nothing compares to the feeling one gets when taking their first breath underwater. With time and experience gained underwater, this feeling magnifies.

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