Paphos diving 

In Paphos we can find some good locations for diving. Most of the Paphos dive sites are easily accessible, such as Cynthiana, the Amphitheatre and Pistol Bay.  If you are thinking abut night diving, Cynthiana and the Amphitheatre are good choices. 

There are both shore and boat dives available. 

This is another favourite destination. To find out more about Paphos, click here

Below for a few of Paphos dive sites.

The Amphitheatre

A shore dive. This is near Coral Bay area. The Amphitheatre  is a natural geographical formation. It got its name, because it looks like an amphitheatre.  It was however formed by sea currents. Maximum depth inside the “amphitheatre” itself is approximately 8m-9m, whilst maximum depth or a dive in the area is approximately 20m-22m. Very popular with beginners as well as for those who have not divedfor a while. The entire formation looks quite dramatic. Look out for the resident turtle

Pistol Bay

Being within a walking distance from the Amphitheatre, this is another shore dive in the Coral Bay Area of Paphos. This is suitable both for the beginner as well as the more experienced diver. It is also suitable for training dives. Pistol Bay is a great dive site with lots of swim throughs.   


A natural lagoon, accessible via the grouds of the Cynthiana Hotel (hence the name), offers a couple of interesting dive routes for all diving levels,  with interesting landscapes and marine life.

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