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Scuba Equipment sales

At our retail store at TD Diving we stock a good selection of scuba diving equipment. We are authorised resellers for Apeks, Scubapro and Beaver. Feel free to pop in and check it out

Scuba Equipment servicing and maintenance

We are certified to carry out servicing for Apeks, Scubapro and Cressi.

All of us divers, have experienced at some point the thrill of buying new scuba gear.

Sometimes it costs quite a lot to buy. In order to look after this investment and make sure that we will enjoy our scuba equipment for years to come, we need to make sure that it is properly maintained.

We can service your scuba equipment, as well as carry out certain repairs when needed and for which we are qualified.
If you have not had your scuba gear serviced yet, please drop us a line. We can pick up, service or repair and deliver. Just drop us a line.

Also, we are qualiied to cary out visual inspections and undertake hydro tests.

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