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TDI non-diving courses, but still lots of fun!

Well we have been very busy in the past few weeks. With myself being out of scuba diving action for a few months now dow to eye surgery (detached retina, long story, will come back to it at some point), and Tony being home from work for a few weeks we decided to take a couple of non-diving courses.

I have wanted to experience the TDI way of doing things for awhile now. So off we went to Dive-In Larnaca and in the expert hands of instructor Chris Demetriou.

First up was the TDI Nitrox Blender. I was a little apprehensive at the beginning to be honest. Maths was never one of my strong subjects and quite frankly I would rather not do anything math related. Joining us for this course was our good friend Valantis.

Well I shouldn’t have worried. Chris is a very good instructor and actually it all made sense!

Featured here a photo of us in the classroom during the TDI Nitrox Blender Course

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