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The Zenobia Wreck

Diving the wreck of the MS Zenobia is probably the first thing that comes to mind when we think about diving in Cyprus. This is because the Zenobia wreck offers some of the best diving that the Mediterranean has to offer. Spending an entire day diving her is not enough. For some of our staff, it seems spending a lifetime diving her is not enough!

We pride ourselves of having a very good knowledge of the wreck, its history and dive routes.

We can offer the following dives in and around Larnaca

Site name: MS Zenobia

Location: Off the coast, Larnaca sea front
Type: Boat Dive.
Depth: 18m – 42m
Certification level: Advanced Open Water+
Good for: Leisure; Training dives; Technival Dives

This is rated as one of the top ten wrecks dives in the world. The Zenobia lies on her port side with 104 articulated lorries which can still be seen alongside the wreck. MS Zenobia was a Swedish built Challenger-class RO-RO ferry launched in 1979 that capsized and sank in the Mediterranean sea, close to Larnaca, Cyprus, in June 1980 on her maiden voyage.

This is ideal for the more experienced diver wanting to enjoy a recreational wreck dive or a technical penetration dive. Grouper, barracuda, tuna, turtle and trigger fish can be seen here.

The cargo of trucks and their contents have never been salvaged and so are there for you to see lying on the seabed and chained to the decks.

For more information visit our dedicated Zenobia page [LINK]

Site name: HMS Cricket

Location: Larnaca
Type: Boat Dive.
Depth: 20m – 27m
Certification level: Advanced Open Water+
Good for: Leisure

This was a British river gunboat. She rests upside down. It survived the war and was then anchored in Larnaka Bay and used as target practice by the RAF for a while. It sank in 1947 due to bad weather. There is a sandy dip under the wreck allowing divers to swim underneath it as well as inside the hull through escape hatches. The vessel is home to groupers and moray eel.

Site name: MV Elpida (elpida = hope in Greek)

A new addition to Cyprus diving destinations!

Site name: Sheep Dip

Location: Larnaca
Type: Shore dive
Depth: 3m – 17m
Certification level: Beginner – Open Water +
Good for: Leisure; Training dives

A wonderful site with many interesting rock formations, rock gardens and sometimes soft coral. There are also a few arches and overhangs. The fish life is abundant with wrasse, octopus etc

The Zenobia wreck

The Sheep Dip wreck

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