Limassol’s central position and easy accessibility, make it an ideal destination for business, leisure and of course scuba diving!

There are a number of great dive sites in and around Limassol for scuba diving.

Limassol has a mild climate all year around. As well as that, its friendly people, great atmosphere, amazing restaurants and places to go,  make it an ideal destination.

If you want to read up a little more about Limassol, you can check out the Limassol tourist company or the All about Limassol portal.

Limassol Diving

We go to a number of dive sites in and around the Limassol area. Limassol diving sites can cater both for the beginner as well as the more experienced diver.

Having our boat readily available, we are able to reach less visited dive sites as well as one of the top diving desitnations in Cyprus, Jubilee Shoals.

So if you are thinking about Limassol diving drop us a line, and we will organize your Limassol diving for you.

We can reach the majority of dive by boat. Some of the dive sites are shore dices. These dives sites we normally use  for confined water or training dives.

Others are boat dives.

We can offer the following dives in and around Limassol:

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Lady Thetis Wreck

This is a boat dive.

The Lady Thetis wreck was purposely sunk on February 22nd, 2014 at the Dasoudi Marine Protected Area in Limassol.

Originally the Lady Thetis was named the “Reiher” and it was a small coastal vessel built in Germany.

The Lady Thetis lies at a maximum depth of 18 meters. It is ideal for an introduction to wreck diving as there is a number of easy swim throughs and penetration options. If you want to find out more about the Wreck Specialty, click here

Costandis Wreck

This is another boat dive.

The Costandis Wreck started its life in the former U.S.S.R.. It was built to be a bottom fishing trawler. In the end it had the same fate as the Lady Thetis. It was sunk on February 22nd, 2014 in the Dasoudi Marie Protected Area.

The Costandis Wreck lies at a maximum depth of 23 meters. This is another ideal wreck for introduction to wreck diving.

Furthermore, it also has a number of easy swim throughs and penetration options.

Limassol wreck diving

Akrotiri wreck

This is a shore dive.

We can easily access the Akrotiri Wreck from shore. The Akrotiri wreck provides an ideal background for a number of dives and specialties. It lies at a maximum depth of approximately 10 meters.

Diving Limassol

Twin Rocks

This is a boat dive.

In the Akrotiri Peninsula there are a few good dive sites, accessible by boat.

Twin Rocks is one of them. Interesting topography and lots of marine life, make this an interesting dive.

Maximum depth is 20 meters. This is a good suggestion for those who prefer underwater landscapes.

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Big Country

This is a boat dive.

This dive site is located in the Akrotiri Peninsula.

Large boulders and some swim throughs make for another interesting dive site.

Watch out for octopus, groupers and moray eels.

Jubilee Shoals

This is a boat dive. 

Jubiliee Sholas is arguably the top or one of the top diving destinations in Cyprus. Is is considered to be the largest natural reef in Cyprus. With a huge vertical wall, a cave and a majestic, almost an eerie feel to the place, this is a must! Vertical wall can go down to 60m – 70m.

Ideal for technical diving.

This dive site is only suitable for very experienced divers.

Limassol Bay

This is a shore dive.