Who we are? We are passionate about scuba diving. That’s for sure. All aspects of it!

From preparing to go an a recreational dive or a technical dive, packing our equipment, filling tanks and then experiencing the thrill of actually going underwater.

For us, our passion has turned into a job. What a way of start living the dream! And we can’t wait to transmit this passion to you if you are interested about scuba diving in Cyprus.

We are now able to offer dive courses, diving excursions , tank fills, scuba tank rental and scuba equipment rental all extremely reasonably priced.

All of our scuba diving equipment, from tanks, to fins, to BCDs, wings, dive computers, compasses, wetsuits, equipment for technical diving etc is literally brand new and just out of the box?

Love it so far? Hate it? Have any comments? We would love to hear from you!

Want to give scuba diving in Cyprus a try? Want to maybe advance in your scuba diving courses whilst on a holiday in Cyprus, want to pick up a specialty? Or simply just gear up, and get wet? Get in touch. Let’s see some Happy, smiling, diving faces

Drop us a line at: demetra@tddiving.com

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