Liberty Wreck

This is a boat dive

Prior to its sinking, the Liberty was an old Russian cargo vessel, carrying frozen goods.

The Liberty was salvaged from the scrapyard. It was then cleaned and stripped down, and purposefully sank in May 2009 in Protaras. This was done with the aim of creating an artificial reef and try and enrich the decimated marine life in the area.

This is a boat dive.

Since the Liberty Wreck was cleaned and stropped down, there are a couple of easy swim throughs.

Maximum depth: 25-26 meters.

Nemesis Wreck

This is a boat dive.

The Nemesis wreck was the second of the wrecks to be sunk in the area and it is within a short distance from the Liberty wreck.

Prior to its sinking, holes were cut into the wreck. You can also see one of  the engines still inside. There are a couple of swim throughs.

Maximum depth: 25 meters


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