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Ghost Nets

Ghost nets are fishing nets which because of one reason or another (loss, discarded, abandonment etc), were left in the ocean.

Ghost nets can be dangerous as they can trap or entangle fish and other marine life and even divers!

Getting entangled in a ghost net results injuries, starvation and if it is not possible to get detangled, death.

Ghost nets in Cyprus

Over the last 5 years we have dived all over Cyprus. What is becoming apparent more and more often is the problem with ghost nets.

Ghost nets in Cyprus are being found in deep, but also shallower waters, and can now be encountered even during shore dives.

On several occasions, during recreational leisure dives we have ended up just removing ghost nets.

And we know that there are a lot of like minded people out there that feel that ghost nets should be removed in order to have cleaner oceans.

The Diktynna Project

Launching the project, in collaboration with SDI/TDI and Sea Shepherd, we aim to:

  • Raise awareness about ghost nets in Cyprus;
  • Learn and teach techniques necessary for ghost net removal;
  • Educate people;
  • Organise ghost net removal dives on a regular basis, with trained divers in order to tackle the problem.


The Diktynna Project will launch in April with a big underwater ghost net cleanup.

Watch out this space as details will be coming soon.

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