TD Diving is pleased to offer its customers free Nitrox for all pre-booked diving trips!*
Nitrox tanks (28% – 32%) are available, free of charge, for certified Enriched Air divers, if reserved at the same time as any pre-booked diving trip or activity.
To book, contact us at: Not Nitrox qualified yet? Why not do your Nitrox course with us? It costs €99 and can be done within a few hours. E-learning available!
This offer is valid from October 1st 2018 – October 31st 2018.
For more information about diving with nitrox, check out our blog post here: Nitrox Diving
*The offer is limited to 2 x 12l tanks per day only. Diving trip must be pre-booked (contact us at: and Nitrox reserved at the time of booking. Diver certification and Nitrox certification will be checked prior to any trip.
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