The Zenobia Wreck

Diving the wreck of the MS Zenobia is probably the first thing that comes to mind when we think about diving in Cyprus. This is because the Zenobia wreck offers some of the best diving that the Mediterranean has to offer. Spending an entire day diving her is not enough. For some of our staff, it seems spending a lifetime diving her is not enough!

We pride ourselves of having a very good knowledge of the wreck, its history and dive routes.

The MS Zenobia

The MS Zenobia was (well still is!) a Swedish built Challenger-class RO-RO ferry. She was launched in 1979. On June 7th,  1980 she sunk on her maiden voyage close to Larnaca. She was bound for Tartus, Syria.

The widely held belief is that there was a problem with the computerized ballast system that probably led to its sinking. However over the years, there have been a number of other rumours surrounding the reasons for the sinking of the Zenobia. As time goes by, these rumours have passed on to the sphere of legend. This only adds to the allure and mystique of diving the Zenobia (or the Zen as it is called). We might also have heard a story or two. Maybe we would care to share with you whilst diving the Zenobia.

Some statistics about the MS Zenobia

GPS Position: 34, 53.5 N, 33, 39.1 E

IMO number: 7806087

Type: Challenger-class Roll-on/roll-off ferry

Tonnage: 10,000 GRT

Length: 178m

Beam: 28m

Draught: 13.01.

All cargo (minus a few minor losses over the years) is either still on board inside the trucks on its decks, or outside on the bottom.

One of the top wreck sites

The Zenobia has consistently ranked as one of the top wrecks in the world to dive. It is very easy to see why.

First of all the clear blue warm Mediterranean waters and  the good visibility makes diving the Zenobia quite attractive. Furthermore, the Zenobia wreck is very easily accessible with a number of boats making the daily trip to the Zenobia wreck site.

Diving the Zenobia wreck

The MS Zenobia rests on her port side, at a depth of approximately 42 meters. The top side is at a depth of approximately 16-18 meters.

One needs to dive the Zenobia wreck to appreciate its sheer size and allure.

A number of dives can be undertaken on the Zenobia wreck. Recreational dives, training dives and technical dives for the more advanced and experienced diver.

Zenobia trips

We run daily trips to dive the Zenobia wreck. Whatever your certification level and plans are, let us help you organise a once in a lifetime diving experience. In addition to single tanks, we also offer many other options for you to dive the Zenobia, with twins, sidemount, stage tanks and other configurations at hand.

Even though there are a number of dive guides that can take you diving on the Zenobia wreck, we pride ourselves of being part of only a handful of dive centres who instructors have literally spent thousands on hours diving her. As a result we know many routes. Most of all however we just get pretty excited every time we dive her. And this excitement is contagious.