PADI Courses 

From ages 8+ and for as little as EUR70, you too can experience the magic of the underwater world. Want to see whether exploring the underwater world is for you? Why not book an introductory dive?  Cyprus, is known most of all for its  warm and clear waters and as a result is an ideal place to do it.

Course Name  Duration Min. Age Description
Bubblemaker 3 -4 hours 8+* Experience what scuba diving feels like by  taking your first breaths underwater.
Discover Scuba Diving  3 -4 hours  10+* Quick and easy introduction into what it feels like to explore the underwater world.
Scuba Diver  2 -3 days 10+* A subset of the very popular PADI Open Water Diver course. This course gives an introduction to scuba diving. Ideal for those that want to learn the basics and are short on time.
Scuba Diver Upgrade 2 -3 days  10+* For those that want to take that step further and become Open Water Divers
Open Water Diver 3 -4 days 10+* This is probably the world’s most popular and widely recognised scuba course. Most of all, this can be your ticket to the diving adventures you always wanted.
Adventure Diver  2 days  10+* A subset of the PADI Advanced Open Water. Complete 3 adventure dives.
Advanced Open Water  2 -3 days  10+* Advance your diving. Build your confidence and expand your scuba skills and capabilities.
Nitrox 1 day 12+* Perhaps THE most popular PADI specialty course. Dive with more no decompression time and extend your allowable no bottom times.
Deep Diver 2 -3 days  15+* Learn how to explore deeper sites (down to 40 metres) and manage your gas supply.
Wreck Diver 2 -3 days  15+* Lots of adventures to be had whilst also learning how to observe responsible wreck diving practices.
Boat Diver  1 -2 days  10+* First of all, learn how to scuba dive from a boat but also expand your knowledge about boats.
Emergency Oxygen Provider 1 day n/a Learn how and when to use emergency oxygen to help others should the need arise. Hence this is a great course for everyone, not just divers.
Underwater Navigator 2 – 3 days  10+* Fine-tune your observation skills and learn how to  use your compass more accurately underwater.
Search & Recovery Diver 2 -3 days  12+* Learn how to effectively search for lost objects underwater and safe methods to bring them to the surface.
Night Diver  2 -3 days  12+* Have you ever wondered what happens underwater after dark?
Equipment Specialist  1 day 10+* This course teaches you how to manage basic scuba diving equipment repairs and adjustments.
Rescue Diver 3 -4 days 
Emergency First Response  2 -3 days 
Divemaster  8+ weeks