Well buddies, it was the weekend. We were home alone. What better way to be just us, than hopping on a plane and heading off to Athens, Greece!

This is precisely what we did. We decided to stay away from the main touristy attractions and just explore. Explore in all directions from our base, a charing little boutique hotel in Monastiraki area.

Tony has been trying for a few months now, nearly a year to buy a Dive Rite Classic Wing. The old school one. The one with the amazing blue colour. Did I mention that it was in blue? I had to have it.

This was owned by Dimitris Manetakis. Tony tried to get in touch, but due to the language barrier (yeah Tony, this is a dig at you!), this was not possible.

Finally I sent Dimitris a message in Greek and somehow it all came together. As we anxiously awaited at the hotel lobby, there he was! With the wing. And in a few moments it was mine. It all came together in the end. I can’t wait now to dive with it. And I have just the perfect companion. Soon blue one.

Some other hints: we stayed at the O&B Boutique Hotel O&B Hotel, Athens – Greece and we were really impressed with the cleanliness, service and our room. We recommend and we would definitely go back.

We ate at “Ta Karamanlidika” tou Fani. Ta Karamanlidika Restaurant, Athens – Greece which we highly recommend. It is a meat lover’s paradise. The soutzouki is a must, as well as t he sausage platter. The fact that it was full of locals and the menu was only in Greek, spoke volumes. I could just fly out to have dinner there.

All in all, I simply can’t wait to get back into the water. Happy, smiling, diving faces! everyone. See you all soon!


Dimitris and I at the hotel’s lobby.


The blue, lounging in style at the cafeteria of the boutique hotel.


The blue enjoying the view (if you squint and try really hard, you can just about see the Acropolis in the background) from our hotel balcony.


The “saganaki” at Karamanlidika. Ohhh yummy!


The sausage platter at “Karamanlidika”. Definitely worth a second visit!